To easily choose the right size of your new pair of RJV jeans follow the steps below:

1) Take your favorite pair of jeans (without elastane or the one which your have been wearing for a long time).

2) Measure them according to “How to measure” guide.

3) Compare the obtained results with the “Size chart” of the chosen fit.

What happens in case you chose a wrong fit for you? You can change it or return the jeans within 14 days after the purchase.

RJV jeans are made from sanforized denim which can shrink by 1-3% because of the washing water temperature or other causes. See the “Wash guide”.

Every denim reacts in a different way to the stitching, therefore the sizes may differ by 1-1,5 cm, but this is the permitted tolerance.



allinea margine superiore cintura davanti con cintura dietro e misura lungo parte superiore.


Allinea il fondo davanti con dietro e misura da lato a lato.


Distendi la parte interiore e misura dall'incrocio delle cuciture fino alla parte superiore della cintura.


Misura entità bacino posizionandoti a 15-16 cm dal centro davanti partendo dalla parte superiore alla cintura.

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