RJV stands for Rinomate Jeanserie Venete and was founded in 1977 in a small town in the province of Venice. 

This is a story about two friends who for years shared the same bench in school where we were studying clothing techniques. Our names are Renzo Franco and Giancarlo Bigotto - we’re two entrepreneurs who thanks to our never ending enthusiasm have founded a strong partnership based on the DENIM. We have always favoured the quality of materials, of working processes and we always payed attention to wearability. In the course of our lives we founded two brands: Americanino and Take Two and were present on an international scale in such countries like Germany, France, Holland, Korea, Japan and Russia. We were raised in the Venero region - the place famous for its high quality manufacture and the place where we always produced and will continue to produce jeans. In 2008-2009 came the dark time for many people working in the clothing industry. With the arrival of the economic crisis many companies started to produce outside Italy with the aim of cutting production costs, while consumers began to favour “Fast fashion” which ofers low prices items to change every season. At this point we, being lovers of the beautiful and of something that remains, decided to give life back to RINOMATE JEANSERIE VENETE and to start producing high quality jeans one again.
If you love denim as much as we do you’ll defnitely invest in a beautiful pair of jeans.

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